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Lodges and other accommodation included in your safari will depend on your budget. Prices vary enormously depending on brand and you also pay a premium for exclusive access to an area.  In our opinion, you get what you pay for and it is worth paying a little extra to upgrade. High-end, high-cost lodges and tented camps mostly fulfill the expectations of the most demanding guests.

We classify accommodation by type: Lodges, Permanent Camps, Mobile Tented Camps, Resorts, Hotels and the like. Below we list some of the camps and lodges we like to include in our itineraries. There are many more that do not feature here, but this should give you some idea of what is on offer.

If the safari experience is more important to you than the accommodation, you will likely be satisfied with small or remote seasonal camps and “fly-camps”.  Fly-camps are usually set the day you arrive and come down when you leave. If you travel with children or like your creature comforts, its always nice to cool off during the middle of the day in a pool. If this sounds like you, we recommend staying a couple of nights at a permanent lodge or camp.

We prefer traditional canvas tented safari camps, many of which are mobile or seasonal. They are usually more private and off the beaten path, catering to smaller groups or can be booked on an exclusive-use basis. It is a good idea to mix smaller camps with the comforts of a high end option at some point during your safari.

The prices we show are a guideline of the cost per adult sharing a room with another adult for one night. Where SALE appears, the price shown applies right now and may not not at some future date. Rates vary by season, split into Low or Green season, Mid, High or Peak seasons. Supplements usually apply for Christmas and New Year.

Prices are for accommodation and meals only (Full Board) and in some cases include activities (Game Package). Prices shown for lodges exclude transport to and from, park fees and depending on whether the price is Game Package / All inclusive or Full Board, will include/exclude such things as alcoholic drinks, activities, guiding etc. Read the Additional Information tab for details. It is difficult to use these prices to determine the end-cost of a safari but you can get an idea of the relative costs of each property and should ask us for a comprehensive quote.

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