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Legendary Migrational Camps

$ 1,000 Per adult per night

Two Migrational Camps replace Legendary Serengeti Camp from the 2021 season. Operating as separate seasonal camps at four locations within the Serengeti, each camp has eight en-suite tents and a family tent. Decor is inspired by a love of nature and raw organic materials. Natural linen and earthy colours reflect the tranquillity and peace of the environment, allowing you to feel connected to your surroundings as you follow the ever-moving migration. There is also the option to booking the entire camp to yourselves.

Plains of golden grasslands stretch to distant horizons under never-ending blue skies as millions of hoofbeats drum the earth. Everything in Tanzania happens on a vast scale and the migrational camps put you at the heart of it all. Feel the exhilaration of being close to nature. We recommend a three to four night stay, immersed in the wild with all the sophisticated comforts you need. Perfect for the start or middle of an itinerary.

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Vast herds of wildebeest pass just outside your tent, following a migratory path worn over millennia. Far-ranging herds of wildebeest make the iconic Great Migration travelling a never-ending circuit from the southern Serengeti in Tanzania, and up to the northwest to the mighty Mara River, and back again. The migrational camps are perfectly situated in the Serengeti and move with the migration.

NYASI: moves from the savannah of Lamai north of the Mara River in northern Serengeti to the short grass plains of southern Serengeti at Makao or Mwiba.
SONGA: moves from the hilly outcrops of Kogatende in the northern Serengeti to the short grass plains of the southern Serengeti at Makao or Mwiba.

Both camps are identical units, each with 8 en-suite tents and 1 family tent (with 2 en-suite rooms and a shared lounge). Each of the camps are pitched in 2 parts, whereby one section has 6 tents and the other 2 tents plus the family tent. Each section faces a different direction and is self-contained with its own lounge and dining facility to ensure maximum privacy. The separate sections of each camp operate independently, sharing a back of house allowing for each half to operate on a ‘Private Exclusive Basis’.

NORTHERN SERENGETI: Nyasi is accessed via Lamai airstrip and Songa is accessed via Kogatende airstrip situated on opposite sides of the Mara River.

NYASI: Northern Serengeti at Lamai (1 June – 15 October) / Southern Serengeti at Mwiba or Makao (15 December – 31 March)
SONGA: Northern Serengeti at Kogatende (1 July – 15 November) / Southern Serengeti at Mwiba or Makao (15 December – 31 March)

Legendary Migrational Camps

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