An authentic experience with the people, places and wildlife of Tanzania

I am going to indulge in a little promotion for a good cause – The Dorobo Fund.


Dorobo Safaris are one of the original and most effective operators working to conserve and assist not only wildlife, but also the local culture and wilderness habitats of Tanzania. Nobody knows the bush better than the Peterson clan. They grew up in Tanzania and have been everywhere worth visiting. They know the local communities better than most. Their focus has never been luxury, fluff or fill, aiming instead for simple functionality. If you want remoteness, conservation focus, participation, some hard work, plenty of education, this is the right place to be.

Daudi, Mike and Thad Peterson were our neighbors when my family first moved to Oldonyo Sambu north of Arusha. Their father was a missionary, deeply involved with the local communities and an avid horse fan. Daudi, is THE authority on the Hadza, Tanzania’s few remaining bushmen of the Yaeda Valley. He has written a book about them and their fate which is worthwhile reading. Thanks to the Dorobo Fund, the bushmen recently achieved the unthinkable – the right to exist and live – where they always lived and existed. No small fete! Dorobo has been instrumental in educating, not only local communities, but large numbers of foreign students who come to learn about Tanzania’s culture and environment. These efforts have made an incalculable impact and must be supported.

In an effort to keep up the good work, Dorobo Fund are running a fund-raising safari during October 2018 where you can experience first-hand the projects, the wilderness and the cultures they impact. The cost of the trip, includes a $2000 contribution for every guest. If you are interested in contributing / joining, the full cost for the 2 week trip is as follows:

$6,860* per adult 16 years and older
$6,610* per 13-15 year old
$5,995* per 5 – 12 year old
$300 single supplement per single traveler staying in single accommodation

*Price includes a $2,000 tax-deductible donation. Upon payment, you will receive a letter acknowledging your donation. If you’d like to adjust this amount, please send us an email.


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Visiting: Arusha / Ngaresero Moutain Lodge | Southern Maasai Steppe / Dorobo Mobile Camp | Tarangire National Park / Tarangire Safari Lodge | Yaeda Valley / Dorobo Mobile Camp | Pangani / Emayani Beach Lodge

The itinerary is intended for individuals looking for an authentic experience with the people, places and wildlife of Tanzania. Get an exclusive and behind the scenes tour of what Dorobo Fund supports, initiates on the ground and meet the talented people behind the work we do. With the natural beauty of Tanzania as a backdrop, explore the modern day challenges and opportunities of protecting cultures, resources and wildlife for future generations. You will meet with key conservation
leaders, community activists, and scientists. This trip holds true to the Dorobo Safaris experience of providing o the beaten path, slow-paced safaris that leave plenty of room for re ection, discovery and authenticity. If you’re eager to gain a better and deeper understanding of community-led conservation, cultural preservation and land rights, this is the perfect experience for you.


  • Meet with people and see the places you’ve impacted
  • Discuss the current climate of conservation in Tanzania with Dorobo Fund Board members
  • Explore northern Tanzania’s major natural and cultural attractions through a multi-dimensional perspective, focusing on both wildlife and human communities and their complicated and dynamic relationship
  • Spend time with some of the most innovative leaders and activists in Tanzania who are creating positive change in their communities
  • Walk with the Hadza, one of the last hunter-gatherer tribes in the world

Want more information? Get in touch directly with Dorobo or contact me.

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