My name is Tom Schovsbo and my Africa experience goes back many years.

I took my first steps on African soil on the 1st of January 1970 . Arriving on an East African Airways DC3, we had just landed at Arusha from Denmark to start a new adventure. Fortunately, we had a reliable guide and all went well!  Since then, I have traveled from Kenya’s Lake Turkana to the Namib desert and everywhere in between.

The Africa I know, is truly magnificent.

A Little Background

I own and operate Safaris and Expeditions. My family is based at Uto Farm near Arusha in Northern Tanzania and in Barcelona. I have traveled far and wide throughout East and Southern Africa, accumulating experiences from the bush. Upon completing school at Moshi by the foot of Mt. Kilimanjaro, I moved to England to study at University. Africa eventually lured me back in 1990.  I now operate, guide and plan exceptional safaris.

My Experience

I have explored Africa as an equestrian guide, guiding long-distance horse safaris. For 10 years, I worked as the Manager of a highly regarded luxury safari operator in Tanzania. The company operated up to 14 semi-permanent safari camps in very remote areas. We also fielded classic mobile safaris with professional guides.  The company employed about 450 people. I now market and sell safaris. I am also partner at Manyara Ranch Conservancy since 2009.

Planning Your Safari

Safaris allow you to experience wilderness, wildlife and natural beauty: A breath of fresh air, far from the daily routine. Safaris are experiences to cherish. Where you go, with whom, what you do – all impact your experience. I arrange how to get there, where to stay and offer advice of how long to stay. I determine the all inclusive costs taking away the guesswork. I advise you based on your interests and my experience. Ask me to help you do it right.

What I do

I specialize in designing and booking custom-made safaris.  My aim is to provide you with information and advice on where to go on safari and to handle your reservations, bookings and payments.

Safaris and Expeditions was established in 2004, mainly to promote East and Southern Africa. My strength comes from my personal experiences guiding safaris and a background of managing and operating safaris since 1990.

How I operate

I work with a range of safari operators who provide me with ground services at selected destinations. Most are personal contacts, giving me confidence to sell what I believe are the best, high quality trips within each given price range.

On request, I accompany guests on safari, providing guiding and tour leader services to my guests.  And of course, I have a wealth of local knowledge and information to share with you while on safari.


My partners deliver outstanding quality and reliability. I take care to select the best operators within each price bracket. As an independent operator, I have no obligations to sell a particular camp or product. I always select the best option available.