Tanzania Riding Safaris

If you are a horse rider, few experiences can beat Tanzania and Kenya’s mobile horse safaris. There are several excellent rides, all of which come at a premium due to the high quality of horses , guiding and all the equipment that needs to be lugged about. A hefty chunk of what you pay also goes to pay park fees for wildlife conservation purposes.

Imagine the open plains of the Serengeti in Tanzania or the Mara Reserve on Kenya across the border, with masses of wildlife to ride alongside. Canter with giraffe or wildebeest and keep your eyes peeled for predators hiding in the grass. Never a dull moment! For sheer open spaces and endless horizons, these are trips to keep on the radar. I am personally looking at guiding a ride or two this coming year, so if I can build a group, I will join you for the ride.

Check out the Serengeti Ride, for which there are still a few places remaining in late January and early March, or for custom dates with more than 6 riders. You might also consider the Kilimanjaro Elephant Ride, very similar to the rides I used to guide with my family some years back.