Expect to pay at least $350 to $400, per person per day for a standard safari.

Quick Price Guide for Safaris (per person per day)

  • Less than $350 -> Destinations that can be reached by road – standard larger camps and lodges / larger groups
  • $350 to $500 -> Destinations that can be reached by road – better camps and lodges / smaller groups
  • $500 to $750 -> Mixed accessible by road and air – good camps and lodges / small groups
  • $750 to $1000 -> Flying safaris – small quality camps / couples and singles
  • $1000 to $1400 -> Flying safaris – remote destinations and private groups / high end camps
  • $1400 + ->
  • Top end camps and lodges / remote destinations and professionally guided safaris with private groups

Typically, good safaris range in price from $400 to $750 per person per day. Private mobile safaris and top of the lodges and camps, are priced at approximately $950 to $1500 per person per day. At this price range, most items are usually included – drinks, laundry, park fees and some activities.

Some of the best safaris are flying safaris that use inclusive properties. All inclusive means that the vehicle and guide and activities are included together with accommodation, meals, drinks and laundry. Flying Safaris are ideal for couples as the price does not vary with group size (although there are usually single person supplements).

Safaris priced at under $350 per person per day are available, but the product starts to become compromised. Safaris at this price are often based on sharing a vehicle and piling into a vehicle together with your camping equipment, cook and driver. It can get very cramped. These safaris make use of economy accommodation options (some very basic) and shared public campsites where you may join other travelers – each with their own setup. Expect to share public toilets and shower facilities. This kind of safari is an option for those on a budget, however we do not generally cater to this market.

From time to time, we do book lodge safaris using some of the less expensive lodges and camps. These can be good value, especially if you travel outside the high season when some lodges offer discounts to attract guests. Generally speaking, at $350 and below, safaris don’t include extras such as drinks, laundry or special activities.

Extra costs for your account

  • International airfare
  • Travel and trip insurance
  • Visa fees
  • Pre and post safari extras – hotels, transfers, meals etc.
  • Safari extras – drinks, tips, souvenirs, extra activities – often none of these are in a package
  • Larger groups command better prices. The cost of your vehicle and guide are usually fixed, so more people in the vehicle results in a lower price. Most operators offer 7 and 5 passenger vehicles. Filling the car results in lower prices, unless you are on a fixed departure scheduled trip where the operator gambles on filling the vehicle.

    For safari pricing, refer to our sample itineraries where you will find a guideline. All prices shown on this website are subject to confirmation.