• Safari Consultants

    We are safari consultants. We provide information and advice on where to go on safari and for how long, based on information you supply. We consider your interests, your available budget and the composition of your group to match you with the best options according to availability. We handle reservations, bookings and all payments and answer your questions.

    We do not charge you for our service. We earn commissions from service providers built into the market cost you pay if you book direct. In most cases, you pay less when you book through us. Service providers prefer to work with consultants, because they do not have to dedicate as much time and as many resources to securing bookings.

  • Safari Guiding / Tour Leaders

    We also lead / guide safaris for our guests if this is requested. For this we charge a fee to cover related costs on safari and a guiding fee which will be stipulated. You can request that we join your trip and we will indicate the extra cost associated with this before you make a decision.

  • Flight Information

    We provide guidance on International flights, but do not book these. These are best booked online in most instances. We do book internal flights that form a part of your trip.

  • Pre-Travel Information

    We provide you with information related to planning your trip – visa requirements, insurance advice and directions on where you can find medical advice relevant to your group. We also provide packing advice and information on camera equipment etc. that will help you record your experiences.