• Legendary Migrational Camp

    Legendary Migrational Camps

    $ 950 Per adult per night
    Two Migrational Camps replace Legendary Serengeti Camp from the 2021 season. Operating as separate seasonal camps at four locations within the Serengeti, each camp has eight en-suite tents and a family tent. Decor is inspired by a love of nature and raw organic materials. Natural linen and earthy colours reflect the tranquillity and peace of the environment, allowing you to feel connected to your surroundings as you follow the ever-moving migration. There is also the option to booking the entire camp to yourselves. Plains of golden grasslands stretch to distant horizons under never-ending blue skies as millions of hoofbeats drum the earth. Everything in Tanzania happens on a vast scale and the migrational camps put you at the heart of it all. Feel the exhilaration of being close to nature. We recommend a three to four night stay, immersed in the wild with all the sophisticated comforts you need. Perfect for the start or middle of an itinerary.
  • Mila Tented Camp

    Mila Tented Camp

    $ 1,200 Per adult per night
    Opened in December 2019, Mila is perched above a collection of five natural springs on a ridge of granite kopjes and set amongst an acacia woodland in Mwiba Wildlife Reserve. With 5 tented rooms and a two-bedroomed family tent, interiors have a splash of purple which celebrates one of the traditional colours of the Da'toga tribe.
    Set in a remote and exclusive area within the Serengeti eco-system, this classic East African tented camp offers a pristine safari not lacking in any of the comforts.
    There is something to be said about truly immersing yourself in the culture of Tanzania, whether it is walking with the Hadza, visiting the Datoga tribe or learning to dance with the Maasai, it is these experiences that truly enrich a safari.
  • Mwiba Lodge

    $ 1,750 Per adult per night
    Mwiba Lodge is part of Legendary Expeditions’ portfolio, built among massive stone boulders, ancient coral trees and acacias. It overlooks the Arugusinyai River cascading down its rocky gorge. Privately controlled, this exquisite 125,000 acre Mwiba Wildlife Reserve is lush with color-infused botanicals and filled with wildlife. It features 33 freshwater springs that draw animals year round from the Serengeti.