Natron Game Controlled Area

Lake Natron Game Controlled Area is a semi arid zone stretching from the Tanzania/Kenya border in the to to the northern part of Ngorongoro Conservation area in the South, bordered to the West by Loliondo Game Controlled Area and to the East by the Great North Road linking Arusha to the border crossing with Kenya at Namanga.

This is Maasailand, where harsh conditions provide a home to the pastoralist Maasai while also a rich wildlife area, home to dispersed but numerous wild animals.  There are no towns in the area, although small villages are scattered about the area. Few roads pass through what is likely to become a Geopark, reflecting the volcanic nature of this Rift Valley zone.

The area takes its name from Lake Natron – home to the largest colonies of nesting lesser flamingo in the world and a recognized Ramsar site.