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Prices will vary for the following reasons:

  1. Seasonal rate variation
  2. Occupancy discounts or surcharges
  3. Choice of room with varied rates
  4. By inclusions and exclusions (whether All Inclusive / Game Package / Full Board / Half Board / Bed and Breakfast / with or without additional services
  5. No prices are final until confirmed and invoiced
  6. All rates are subject to adjustment based on unforeseen Government Fee increases
  7. Prices vary by combination of properties booked as a result of possible discounts
  8. Prices may vary because of recent changes made by the accommodation and service providers

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No property, itinerary, safari or service can be considered available without first receiving confirmation of such in writing from Safaris & Expeditions. Such confirmations are only valid upon receipt of at least a 30% deposit of the full invoice.


Refunds are subject to the terms and conditions of each individual service provider which stipulate their own cancellation terms. Unless otherwise stated, the cancellation terms are as listed in the Terms and Conditions below.