Safari Description

10 Days / 9 Nights – Tiger Fishing in South Western Tanzania

From $13500 per person

A 9 Day fishing adventure starting and ending in Dar es Salaam International Airport (DAR) visiting the Myera, Ruhudji and Pitu Rivers in Tanzania’s Kilombero

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Mnyera, Ruhudji and Pitu Rivers in Kilombero

Starts and ends: Dar Es Salaam International Airport (DAR)

Visiting: Kilombero Valley

Pitu River extension – limited to just 2 Fishermen per trip

In 2022, a new river, the Pitu was discovered, offering virgin water, secluded up in the mountains where time has stood still. The river is different in every way to Mnyera and Ruhudji. It is smaller, intricate and much more intimate. To access this phenomenal piece of water is a mission and an adventure! It requires those willing to get closer to the wild with all the access to the river being by foot. This will be a “Walking fly fishing safari” through the foothills of some of the most beautiful water you can imagine. This trip will be offered exclusively to two guests per week on top of the standard package so clients will get an opportunity to fish both the Mnyera and Ruhudji as well as the Pitu for tigers using poppers, floating lines all on lighter setups. Running a 5wt through this is possible with a 6wt -7wt being ideal.

In addition, fish the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers

All the takes are incredibly visual, sometimes at your feet but never further than a full line away. This river also offers Yellow Fish and Vundu, all targeted by sight. Yellows are spotted tailing in pools. A dry dropper rig does the trick but one must get past the Frenzied Tigers who often attack the dry when you mend your line… This river is utter chaos, a privilege to experience and you could be some of the first humans to properly fish it!

Tanzania offers some genuinely unparalleled tiger fishing opportunities. The Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers are widely regarded as THE destination to target tigerfish in the 10 – 25lb range. Fishermen have a real opportunity of landing tigerfish of over 20lb, with shots at multiple trophy fish on a daily basis. In fresh water this is almost unheard of. Now combine this fact with the speed, strength, aerial antics and aggressive nature of the tiger fish, and dump it all in two rivers flowing through one of the worlds last true wilderness areas, home to big game, and then you may begin to get an idea of just how unique the twin fishing rivers of the Mnyera and Ruhudji really are.

Fishing techniques

The team practices comprehensive data collection, recording each and every fish caught and released. All fishing is conducted in a sustainable and responsible manner.

Fishing Guides are a dedicated team of international guides who make sure all guests experience world class guiding. Their commitment to sustainable and responsible fishing is respected worldwide and ensures all guests experience the best fishing that the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers have to offer.

Fishing is strictly “catch and release” with single debarbed hooks. No beat is fished twice in a week; areas where fish are spawning are strictly no-go areas, and there is no re-drifting of beats allowed.

The majority of the fishing is done off the drift. Here attention is focused on the river structure, which comprises fallen timber, long sandbanks, steep drop-offs and rocky outcrops. When conditions dictate, guides make use of sand anchors and tying up to structures mid-stream to focus attention on a specific stretch of water. All fishing is done off 18ft aluminum boats.

These rivers have received very little fishing pressure over the centuries, and with this controlled fly-fishing venture, will continue to do so.

Mnyera River, Tanzania

There are 40km of fishable waters on the Mnyera River. From rapids and pools in heavily wooded riverine forests on the upper reaches, the structure rich mid sections, courtesy of centuries of erosion and fallen trees, to the deep “outside bends” and clay banks of the lower reaches. The Mnyera, with its incredibly diverse river structure is a veritable tiger fish haven and one that all guests visiting this amazing river will appreciate.

Kwazi Camp is your base when fishing the Mnyera River.

The newly built luxury safari camp boasts 5 tents overlooking the beautiful Mnyera river. Each tent overlooks the opposite sand bank where buffalo and elephants are sometimes frequently spotted and crocodiles are seen almost daily.

Ruhudji River, Tanzania

Guests fishing the Ruhudji River have access to 80km of fishable water. The river is quite different from the Mnyera. It is a shallower river, with long sections of sand banks followed by deep outside bends and pools in the lower reaches. The river changes in its upper reaches to a narrow deep river bordered by steep banks and heavily wooded forests as it enters the “gorge area”.

Gwanta Camp is your base when fishing the Ruhudji River

This quaint camp is your base on the Ruhudji River. It is erected each season. Its location on the banks of the Ruhudji River allows access to these productive waters. Gwanta camp comprises traditional Safari tents,

Kwazi Camp (on the Mnyera River) and Gwanta Camp (on the Ruhudji River) offer the adventurous fly fisherman the ultimate African fly-fishing safari. Tented bush camps erected on each river ensure that the African safari experience is as much a part of this trip as the trophy tigers you can expect to encounter. Fresh produce is flown into camp each week with the group.

2022 Rates

  • Double (pp) $13500
  • Single $27000

* Activities include game drives and river trips arranged prior to safari

  • Transfer from airport to hotel in Dar es Salaam on arrival
  • Transfer from hotel to charter flight on morning of departure
  • Transfer from charter terminal to airport or hotel on arrival back in Dar
  • Charter/flights from Dar es Salaam to Camp return, Saturday to Monday
  • Fully staffed and equipped camps, food, boats and Professional Fishing guides
  • 10 nights in camp – 9 days total fishing on the Mnyera, Ruhudji, Pitu rivers
  • Fishing times sunrise to sunset
  • Access to 140km+ of waters
  • Professional guiding
  • All meals, accommodation, water, soft drinks and limited beer and wine
  • Boats and fuel
  • Fishing licenses and concession fees
  • Tanzania Government Conservation Levy

Trip is based on groups with set departures from Dar Es Salaam on Saturdays.

  • Flights to Dar es Salaam before and after the trip
  • Visas USD 50 per person (USD 100 for US nationals)
  • Any hotel accommodation and meals in Dar es Salaam
  • Spirits – guests are advised to bring their own special wine and spirits from duty free
  • Beers over allocated amount in camp
  • Guide and Staff Gratuities: We recommend 15-18% of the trip cost

If you have connecting flights and require an overnight or day room in Dar Es Salaam we can arrange this at an additional cost.

  • World class unparalleled tiger fishing
  • Fish the virgin Pitu River fishing grounds
  • Walking / fishing safari through African wilderness
  • Fishermen have a real opportunity of landing tigerfish of over 20lb
  • 120km of river for fishing
  • Professional international fishing guides with a known reputation in the fishing world
  • Classic African safari camps
  • Buffalo, lion, leopard and elephant are common in the area, as well as a host of plains game species including puku, warthog, hartebeest, zebra, eland and bushbuck amongst many.
  • The bird life is exceptional with many rare and endemic species found in the area. Pels Fishing Owl, along with Palm Nut Vultures, Narina Trogons, Broad Billed Roller, African FinFoot and white backed night heron all make this riverine environment their home. Bring your binoculars and guide books.
Day Activity
Saturday – Day 1 Charter to Camp 2 Pax Client transfers to Ruhudji Camp
Sunday – Day 2 Fish Ruhudji
Monday – Day 3 Fish Ruhudji
Tuesday – Day 4 Fish Ruhudji – Leave for Pitu
Wednesday – Day 5 Fish Pitu
Thursday – Day 6 Fish Pitu morning – depart Pitu arrive New Camp in the afternoon
Friday – Day 7 Fish Mnyera
Saturday – Day 8 Fish Mnyera
Sunday – Day 9 Fish Mnyera
Monday – Day 10 Leave for Dar Es Salaam Monday Morning