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  • Katavi Wildlife Camp

    $ 600 Per adult per night
    Katavi Wildlife Camp is located in one of the best game areas in Katavi, at Ikuu, on the banks of the Katuma river. It has views towards the biggest plain, Katisunga, situated in the middle of the 3 main plains that form Katavi. Both Lake Katavi and Lake Chada are accessible from camp.
  • Chada Katavi Camp

    $ 975 Per adult per night

    Chada Katavi belongs to the beasts

    Chada Katavi belongs to the beasts of Africa, it always has, as if they were all created here in this remote place. This is the promise of Katavi - total absorption in the natural world and virtually no one else around. Katavi really is one of the final frontiers. This is a true wilderness which is all about enjoying being out on safari without the crowds, in fact often without any company at all. Chada Katavi is only open for six months of the year (June - November) and we think everyone should be clambering over themselves to get here - it really is worth it.