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Mwiba Wildlife Reserve

This area is a 125,000 acre privately managed wildlife reserve. It borders onto Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s western boundary and the very southern part of Serengeti National Park.

Originally part of the Makao Open Area, the reserve was established to improving conservation efforts. It aims to protect an area under pressure from a growing human population encroaching on Serengeti from the west. It expands wildlife viewing areas to the South and West of Serengeti National Park. The Serengeti wildebeest migration passes through Mwiba between December and April. The area is characterized by rolling hills, kopjes, thickets, waterholes and (dry) rivers where pools form containing water year round. The permanent water supply is a magnet for wildlife in the dry season. Particularly when southern Serengeti and the Ngorongoro conservation areas dry out between July and November each year.

Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, targets low-volume, high-end safaris. Here guests have almost exclusive use of a large area of wilderness. It is protected by one of Tanzania’s more important conservation groups – Friedkin Conservation Fund. The fund focuses on law enforcement and community conservation.

Mwiba Wildlife Reserve borders the Eyasi Escarpment.  From the reserve, there are magnificent views South over lake Eyasi and the Yaeda Valley, home to Tanzania’s dwindling Hadza bushmen. To the North lies Maswa Game Reserve. Maswa is also an important game reserve, a buffer between Serengeti National park and the villages to the West.

Visitors stay at Mwiba Lodge or Mwiba Tented Camp. These combine well with a visit to Ngorongoro Crater which is a very scenic few hours drive away, the Maswa Game Reserve to the North and Serengeti National Park – a must for any safari. Come here for the exclusivity, the privacy and to experience true wilderness.

Map of Mwiba Wildlife Reserve