About Serengeti
Size: 14,763 sq km (5,700 sq miles).
Location: Northern Tanzania – 335km (208 miles) from Arusha, stretching north to Kenya and bordering Lake Victoria to the west.

  • Bed at Singita Sabora Guest Tent

    Sabora Tented Camp

    $ 2,500 Per adult per night
    With travellers yearning for wide-open spaces, intuitive service and unfiltered space and time, this modern interpretation of luxury tented safaris reflects a new dawn on the continent – and presents the perfect opportunity to return to Africa to rest, reset and be restored. Retaining the quintessential elements of a romantic safari under canvas, the camp’s nine tented suites are now set even closer to the ground. Subtle décor and design elements merge seamlessly with the continent’s creative energy and contemporary cultural identity; while hand-stitched leather finishes, durable canvas and campaign furniture echo the spirit of classic East African adventures.
  • Legendary Migrational Camp

    Legendary Migrational Camps

    $ 950 Per adult per night
    Two Migrational Camps replace Legendary Serengeti Camp from the 2021 season. Operating as separate seasonal camps at four locations within the Serengeti, each camp has eight en-suite tents and a family tent. Decor is inspired by a love of nature and raw organic materials. Natural linen and earthy colours reflect the tranquillity and peace of the environment, allowing you to feel connected to your surroundings as you follow the ever-moving migration. There is also the option to booking the entire camp to yourselves. Plains of golden grasslands stretch to distant horizons under never-ending blue skies as millions of hoofbeats drum the earth. Everything in Tanzania happens on a vast scale and the migrational camps put you at the heart of it all. Feel the exhilaration of being close to nature. We recommend a three to four night stay, immersed in the wild with all the sophisticated comforts you need. Perfect for the start or middle of an itinerary.
  • Serian Adventure Flycamping

    $ 1,090 Per adult per night
    First off, a disclaimer: flycamping has nothing to do with flying. Rather, it takes its name from sleeping in the bush under nothing more than a flysheet, as was the camping tradition before the luxury‐laden era of ‘glamping’ arrived. The premise is that you spend the days walking, and the nights sleeping out in light weight tents, in a makeshift camp that moves each day – the end of each day’s walk brings you to your new site for the night.
  • Serian Lamai

    Serian Serengeti Lamai

    $ 1,090 Per adult per night
    Serian Serengeti Lamai is a mobile camp in the far North of Tanzania's Serengeti, an area known as the Lamai Wedge. The open plains of the Lamai Wedge are incredibly beautiful and abundant in game. The landscape is reminiscent of scenes from the film, Out of Africa, and there is plenty of freedom to roam and explore. The camp is situated opposite Crossing Point 4, midway among all crossing points along the river – and is perfectly positioned to spectate the wildebeest river crossings. Away from the river, this area of rolling savannah, boulder-strewn hillsides and fig-tree groves, is littered with inconceivably enormous herds of wildebeest, topi and zebra – as well as all the predators that gorge on this movable feast. Needless to say, the game-viewing we have access to is world-class. Cheetah, lion and elephant especially make for fantastic sighting, but it’s not unheard of to see the Big Five in a day.
  • Serian Serengeti Mobile Kusini

    $ 1,090 Per adult per night
    Serian Serengeti Kusini is a mobile camp created to make the most of the spectacular wildebeest migration. From December to May, it is perched on the edge of the short grass plains, a perfect vantage point over the vast space where the Wildebeest herds amass to give birth to their young. Nestled in a well-watered wood, ancient trails weave the migration right through camp.
  • Serian Serengeti North Camp

    $ 1,090 Per adult per night
    Serian’s Serengeti is a mobile camp, the location of which is governed by the wildebeest migration. From mid‐June to mid‐November, the camp, along with 1.6 million gnus is situated in the far north of the Serengeti plains. The beauty of Northern Serengeti is it is the heart of the crossings and in this respect, Serian Serengeti North is all about location. Camp is set a mere 2 kilometres from the Mara River, within minutes of the major crossing points. The camp strikes the perfect balance between colonial camping style and elegant accents of comfort – home away from home, in the form of six spacious, lavish tents. Each is complemented by tasteful décor that lends a touch of sumptuousness to the interiors. The en-suite bathrooms include a bucket shower and a flushing toilet – classic safari simplicity with a nod to life’s little comforts.
  • Serian Serengeti South Camp

    $ 1,090 Per adult per night
    Serian’s Serengeti is a mobile camp and from mid-December to May, it's set up on the southernmost extreme of the Serengeti’s short grass plains: prime position to spectate the wildebeest birthing season. Dramatic savannah storms sweep in nourishment and new life, and an innate primordial urge pulls the wildebeest to the site of their origins to reproduce. The plains literally come to life for the birthing season. Millions of gnus and zebra dominate the landscape, looking for the fresh green grass that follows the first rains – and to give birth to their young. Serian Serengeti South Camp is located close to the Laetoli footprints an archeological site of some renown. This area is positioned ideally to witness the remarkable Wildebeest Migration birthing season. "Serian" becomes the base from which you have exclusive access to hundreds of thousands of acres of acacia clad woodland filled with huge abundance of wildlife.
  • Tent interior Kogatende Green Camp

    Kogatende Green Camp

    $ 450 Per adult per night


    Location Location Location...The Serengeti Green Camp moves from Southern Serengeti (Nabi Hill area mid December – March) to the Northern Serengeti (Kogatende area July – October / November) to ensure you are always in the very best location to get close to the magic of the migration and all the wildlife action.

    Kogatende green camp

    Serengeti is Africa’s most famous park. The variety and abundance of wildlife here is unmatched anywhere else in Africa. In the north of Serengeti, Kogatende Green Camp is located in a beautiful area in the Nyamalumbwa Hills. Set on the banks of the Bologonja river and a salt lick which are teaming with wildlife all year long, the camp is within reach of the Mara River (2 hour game drive) where you can witness one of nature’s spectacles, the wildebeest and zebra river crossings of the Great Migration. The camp is on the edge of the wilderness zones, away from the hustle and bustle of other camps, cars and people but close enough not to miss the crossings when they occur. Kogatende Green Camp offers a peaceful, remote location from which to enjoy the best the Serengeti has to offer in wildlife sightings.
  • Kati Kati Mara

    $ 210 Per adult per night
    Kati Kati Mara Camp offers comfortable accommodation and a unique opportunity to enjoy a real safari camp experience. The camp is located in the North of Serengeti only 10 minutes drive from Mara River. Offering reasonably priced accommodation and standard meals for guests visiting area around the Mara River in Northern Serengeti National Park. This is a good option for those on a budget. It is not a destination for those seeking high standards of decor and style. Kati Kati Mara Camp provides Full Board accommodation for guests driving to the North of Serengeti. Game package services are not available here but are offered at the more upscale sister property - Mara Mara Tented Lodge.
  • 19% Off!
    Katai Kati Serengeti Tented Camp

    Kati Kati Serengeti Camp

    $ 171 Per adult per night
    Kati Kati Camp offers comfortable accommodation and an opportunity to enjoy a real safari camp experience. The camp is only two hours scenic drive from Olduvai Gorge Museum or the Grumeti River. Offering reasonably priced accommodation and standard meals for guests visiting the busier central part of Serengeti National Park. This is a good option for those on a budget. It is not a destination for those seeking high standards of decor and style. A centrally located mess tent provides meals to the 10-tent safari camp. There are several Kati Kati Camps - all going by the same name and located at different spots in the Seronera area. Guests will be put up in one of these similar camps. There are 1o double tents and one family tent with en suite facilities.
  • Lemala Mara

    $ 780 Per adult per night
    Lemala Mara is a classic mobile safari camp that moves between north and south Serengeti. It's aim is to ensure guests enjoy ringside seats to the spectacle of the magnificent wildebeest migration year-round. Camp is located North of the Mara River in the best game viewing area in Serengeti between July and October. Close to the Mara River, it is far enough to remain discreet. The location does not interrupt wildlife behavior as the wildebeest mass along the steep banks during their frantic crossing on their way north to the Maasai Mara. Guests enjoy fabulous landscapes and terrific game viewing. Resident wildlife numbers are high, but nothing compared to the dramatic scenes during the migration. Migration time is when tens of thousands of animals gather to then plunge into the crocodile-infested river - an amazing spectacle!
  • Lemala Kuria Hills

    $ 1,060 Per adult per night
    Lemala Kuria Hills Lodge is remotely located in the Wogakuria Hills of the Northern Serengeti. A scenic region characterized by grassy rolling hills, open woodland and tree-lined watercourses, it is a habitat that attracts wildlife throughout the year. Lemala Kuria Hills is in close proximity to the Mara River on the Serengeti’s border with Kenya’s Maasai Mara, so is also within the main corridor of the world-famous wildebeest migration between July and October.